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"I know I've got pants on underneath, but I may just keep these pants on all night."

The peculiarity of the overheard statement caught Jazz's attention upon his arrival to the small high school he had been visiting for this particular celebration for the last ... how long had it been, now?  He checked his memory archives and realized that it had been at least eleven years.  The school had changed in that time, and so had he.

"If you've got pants on underneath, why don't you just--" the girl's companion mimed taring away his own pants with both hands and they shared a laugh.  Something about the cadence of his voice and phrasing pinged Jazz's memory stack.

"Oh, believe me," the girl was saying, "if these were tear-away pants I'd do that," she mimicked the mime, "at every opportunity, kids around or not!"

They laughed again and continued on their way toward where the obligatory food of questionable value was being sold.  Jazz stepped carefully over to the bleachers where he typically sprawled to make sure he wasn't in the way of anyone's view, wondering why the pair had seemed so familiar.  He was in the midst of getting comfortable when the ping returned--

"I've been thinking about you for the last week," his friend said by way of greeting.  The two were now standing in front of him, hands full of the prizes they had purchased from the vendors.  Jazz grinned at his long-time friend and tapped the bleacher on the side of himself that would be closer to the fireworks when they started.  

"Take a seat," he invited, "let's get caught up."  There was an ease about him that Jazz had never seen before, one that made the mech sure his processor had supplied the correct pronoun, despite their prior meetings.  "You look great.  You both do.  I take it life's been treatin' you well?"

"Hardly!"  His friend laughed.  The third member of their group settled to her meal, occasionally pausing to look around at the crowd.  At first, Jazz assumed that was she was looking for someone, then noticed that his friend was doing it as well, having situated himself to be able to scan the crowd in the opposite direction as her.

"Expectin' trouble?"  The mech asked.

The two humans looked at each other, beginning to grin.

"We do seem to have set ourselves up to watch where the other can't see," his friend agreed.  They both began to laugh.  

"I guess I still have sniper mentality," the girl said cheerily.  

"And I've always had sentry mindset," his friend added, just as cheerful.  "Don't worry, Jazz," his friend added, "I just haven't been in such a mass of seething humanity in a while.  It's habit."

"Last time I was in this kind of seething mass," she considered, "it was at a convention."

"Conventions don't count," his friend objected.  "They're made of nerds.  Nerds are wonderful creatures."

Jazz watched the two with their easy camaraderie and realized he was comparing the two to the Lamborghini twins in his processor, rather than himself and Prowl.  Before he could ask anything about it, the announcement was made that it was time for the national anthem.  Together the three of them watched the parade of flags file around the track of the field and everyone in the crowd stand and turn to face them.  Once the respect had been dutifully paid, everyone began to situate themselves again in preparation for the show they had actually come to see.  Jazz settled and watched with amusement as his long time friend hoisted himself up into his torso and extended a hand down to his companion to help her up as well.

They had small discussions during the show, one or the other commenting on a nice color or how they missed a certain firework styles from when they were younger.  "Imagine Steve seeing a modern fireworks show for the first time," one of them commented.

"Steve?" He asked curiously.

"Steve Rogers," he was told with a grin.  "You know what his birthday is, right?"

"Of course," the other replied, under the sounds of explosions.  "I want to see a shield made of fireworks."

"That was almost one!"

They fell quiet again, appreciating the show until it was almost over.  "What's with those colors?"  His friend asked, "It's like ... Halloween fireworks, all the orange and green."

"Or spring fireworks," his friend agreed.  Jazz could hear the laughter in her voice.  "Oops, we ran out of the red-white-and-blue ones, gotta move on to the other holidays with pink and yellow and green and orange!"

When it was over he followed them to their vehicles; her motorcycle and his friend's tan Toyota covered in its celebration of nerdisms.  

"Best friend," his friend supplied, once she had been seen off.  

"I noticed," Jazz returned.  "I meant what I said before, man, you look good.  Better than I've ever seen you, in fact.  Settled.  Happy."

"Not quite," he replied.  "Getting there.  Trying, anyway.  How about you?  Prowl okay?  They're treating him like absolute shit in the comics."

"Eh," was Jazz's opinion.  "Fiction, creative license.  I make sure he doesn't see it, though.  It'd make him pretty angry, to see himself simplified and vilified like that.  It'd make him pretty angry."

"Maybe he should be."

Jazz let the statement stand with only a slight sound, leaving it up to his friend to decide what he meant.  "So," he said, knowing they were both ready to move on for the night, "what do I call you, now?  Your old name just don't fit."

"James," his friend replied with a genuine smile.  

"See you next year, James?" Jazz asked, sliding into his Porsche.  

"Maybe not here," James said, climbing into his car, "but yeah.  Wouldn't miss it."

Nothing to be done

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 12:12 PM

Zen is an odd thing.  Sometimes I think that I take refuge in it in order to hide the fact that I find expressing anger incredibly difficult.


I'm still working on Elsewhere, but I'm right now simply writing a series of three, possibly more, first-person shorts.  I've never written fiction in first person, mostly because my own mind is so scattered that any narratives I send out have the danger of being just as random.


In other news, I'm disappointed that I missed a deadline for a class in the fall semester that I've really enjoyed taking over the summer.  I'm going to try to get in on the first day, not sure I understand how that works.  Ah, well.  Life is life.


EDIT: I forgot to mention, I've pinned a few of the issues I've been having with designing Elsewhere.  I am a visual person and need visual cues.  I'm not an artist, however.  If anyone knows of an artist willing to help me design 10 races, mechanical and organic, for about $200, please let me know.

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For some reason I can't send you a note (I keep getting a 403 error) <____> SO I'LL PASTE IT HERE.

Chapter 1 storyboard is done! And I'm halfway through scripting chapter 2 :D I'll start drawing Chapter 1 proper once I get some good paper (which will be this week)! :clap:


( I got a tumblr so I could interact with the SDGF folks over on tumblr ;.; you can check it out too if you like [link] )
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