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A familiar voice, mostly familiar in any case, from an unfamiliar source.  Instead of the dusty maroon Geo he hadn't found in his last few days of searching, a champagne Toyota.  Just as dusty, he noticed with a mental smile, though far more decorated: Autobot symbol covering the Toyota logo, another around the license plate, other banners of what the humans typically referred to as geekdom.  A Pride coexist, a San Francisco 49ers tag, both of which brought home how little he actually knew about the friend he had made an annual trip to Sonoma County to meet for the last ten years.

An older woman was climbing carefully from the car, retrieving a cooler from the back seat.  The voice had been his friend, catching her attention.  "Keep safe, have fun."

It was the kind of thing a parent would say to a child, not the other way around, but their ages were reversed.  The younger was driving away, leaving the older heading in to see the fireworks later that evening.  Interesting.

Jazz started up his nearly silent engine and glided out of the parking lot a few cars behind the Toyota, ignoring the coveting glances.  He was used to those; a Porsche of black and white with sophisticated red and blue piping along its sides got its fair share of attention.  He followed his friend home for the second time of their acquaintance, noting the differences the year had wrought when the Toyota stopped in a familiar driveway and the driver stepped out.  The black work boots were the same, but the slacks, man's shirt and ball cap spoke to a decision made.

He transformed and reached out and, for once, his friend reached back, placing a palm on the tip of his index finger.  A hint of a smile on the usually sour lips, calm and frustration in equal measures swirling in chocolate brown eyes.

"That I could transform as easily as you, Jazz."

That brought a smile to his silver face.  "You're doin' a good job of it on your own.  When'd this happen?"

"It's been around, but I finally figured it out last October.  Or did you mean the car?"

"That, too," he allowed.  "I've been lookin' for the Geo."

A grimace.  "The timing belt snapped and I got excruciatingly lucky to acquire the Galloper so quickly after that."  The grimace turned to a grin and his friend turned to survey the silent vehicle.  "Tho my friends have deemed him, it, the Comicon Car.  I miss the Geo, but this one will serve me well for a long time, yet."

"Good," Jazz said, very gently tapping the roof of the car with the index finger of his free hand.  "I know you'll be good to it."

"Of course," came the quick reply.  "I could hardly do anything else.  How've you been?"

"This'n'that," he replied easily, leaning back with a soft laugh.  "Kickin' tires, takin' names.  Speakin' of ...?"

"Next year," his friend promised.  "I'm not quite ready to shift over yet.  It's a hard road, but I'm walking it willingly, with good friends at my side.  Say, if you're ever in North Carolina, check up on my friend at the Coast Guard base there?"

"Will do," Jazz agreed, finally pulling his hand back and transforming again.

"Stay the night, if you want."  The offer was quick and genuine.  "It's a quiet place, no one will bother you.  Except me, leaving tomorrow morning at five am."

"I think I might," Jazz mused, situating himself at the curb in front of the house he had seen his friend enter a couple of years before.  "If I'm not here in the mornin'..."

"See you next year, Jazz."
3rd of July Tradition
Here we are again, after another year of writer's block and figuring things out.

Yes, gender was pointedly left out of this one, due to a very large reason.

Nothing to be done

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 12:12 PM

Zen is an odd thing.  Sometimes I think that I take refuge in it in order to hide the fact that I find expressing anger incredibly difficult.


I'm still working on Elsewhere, but I'm right now simply writing a series of three, possibly more, first-person shorts.  I've never written fiction in first person, mostly because my own mind is so scattered that any narratives I send out have the danger of being just as random.


In other news, I'm disappointed that I missed a deadline for a class in the fall semester that I've really enjoyed taking over the summer.  I'm going to try to get in on the first day, not sure I understand how that works.  Ah, well.  Life is life.


EDIT: I forgot to mention, I've pinned a few of the issues I've been having with designing Elsewhere.  I am a visual person and need visual cues.  I'm not an artist, however.  If anyone knows of an artist willing to help me design 10 races, mechanical and organic, for about $200, please let me know.

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Happy Birthday! :glomp: :hug: :heart: :cake: Hope you're having a wonderful day and hope you're doing well!
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For some reason I can't send you a note (I keep getting a 403 error) <____> SO I'LL PASTE IT HERE.

Chapter 1 storyboard is done! And I'm halfway through scripting chapter 2 :D I'll start drawing Chapter 1 proper once I get some good paper (which will be this week)! :clap:


( I got a tumblr so I could interact with the SDGF folks over on tumblr ;.; you can check it out too if you like [link] )
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