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3rd of July, 2015
"I know I've got pants on underneath, but I may just keep these pants on all night."
The peculiarity of the overheard statement caught Jazz's attention upon his arrival to the small high school he had been visiting for this particular celebration for the last ... how long had it been, now?  He checked his memory archives and realized that it had been at least eleven years.  The school had changed in that time, and so had he.
"If you've got pants on underneath, why don't you just--" the girl's companion mimed taring away his own pants with both hands and they shared a laugh.  Something about the cadence of his voice and phrasing pinged Jazz's memory stack.
"Oh, believe me," the girl was saying, "if these were tear-away pants I'd do that," she mimicked the mime, "at every opportunity, kids around or not!"
They laughed again and continued on their way toward where the obligatory food of questionable value was being sold.  Jazz stepped carefully over to the bleachers wh
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3rd of July Tradition
A familiar voice, mostly familiar in any case, from an unfamiliar source.  Instead of the dusty maroon Geo he hadn't found in his last few days of searching, a champagne Toyota.  Just as dusty, he noticed with a mental smile, though far more decorated: Autobot symbol covering the Toyota logo, another around the license plate, other banners of what the humans typically referred to as geekdom.  A Pride coexist, a San Francisco 49ers tag, both of which brought home how little he actually knew about the friend he had made an annual trip to Sonoma County to meet for the last ten years.
An older woman was climbing carefully from the car, retrieving a cooler from the back seat.  The voice had been his friend, catching her attention.  "Keep safe, have fun."
It was the kind of thing a parent would say to a child, not the other way around, but their ages were reversed.  The younger was driving away, leaving the older heading in to see the fireworks later that
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NaNoWriMo - Memories - Teagan
Awareness came in a sudden jolt, leaving the mind grasping after something which evaded with the ease of air escaping a net.  For a few bewildering seconds, the noise throwing itself forward for acknowledgment was an incomprehensible jumble of sound, prompting the new body to jump to new feet.  
New.  Everything was new!  Odd hints of recognition invaded the senses from time to time, only to fade before they could be fully understood.  Information was flooding in, turning everything white and spinning balance precariously.  Millions of questions where asked by every fiber of the body and soul, answered instantly, giving the new being a sense of physical self even if the sentient question had gone unasked.  Handily, there was a mirror to the left and a figure stepped to it, obeying the intense instinctual desire to know who.  Thankfully the mirror also obeyed and showed eyes a frame which pleased the mind behind them:
Medium height, bipedal, five
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My First Memory
My first memory is of doing something spectacular.  I’m standing on the edge of a precipice so deep the bottom can’t be seen.  I never know if this is because I don’t look, it has no bottom, I never knew or I don’t care.  The sky is robin’s egg blue, the only thing obscuring it is smoke from nearby fires and steam rising from an ocean close at hand.
A glance at myself shows a hard, full body protected by silver armor which fits perfectly.  It is mighty and covered in a veneer of white porcelain.  Gold and navy blue trim are its only decoration: I am not pretentious in my power.  For I am powerful, this much I know.  
I am the only being in existence which is powerful enough to accomplish the task before me, not only because I volunteered.  My core is bright and pure, the thing which opposes me, more so.  This is my challenge: in order to defeat the thing, I must take it within myself and be the stronger of us. &
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3rd of July annual
They had both changed, but both wore the same form.  She looked back across the field, over the road and seemingly through the buildings beyond to an unknown point, expression and gaze unreadable.
"I saw a homeless man just now," she told him, after he had pulled up past the ineffective fence to park beside her ailing Geo Prism.  "He had a smart phone and was sending a text.  I wondered how he could afford it and I can't."
"Sure he was homeless?"  The silver voice replied, amused both at the greeting and the question itself.
"Looked it," was the simple response.  They waited, then, listening to the mocking birds shrill mimicry of the day to day sounds of the area.  Not just other bird calls, but car alarms, building alarms, the beeps of security key-pads, even a ring tone or two.
"Gotta thing on your arm," he noted.
"It's been hot," she shrugged, "my body doesn't react well.  You look good.  Healthy.  Sound rested."
"I am," he agreed.  
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Nameless, Chapter 1, Scene 2
It was healthy, busy work, not giving Silent the time needed to dwell on who his creator was or why he had been abandoned in the back alley.  When he wasn't running messages he never bothered to read all over the city during the light hours, he was using all the tricks he knew to keep the bar quiet until it closed.
"You're Primus-sent."  The praise earned nothing more than a glance upward from the small mech and the flash of a smile.  Silent was currently helping Highgate back to his home, deep in the dark hours after the bar had been closed.  "Too good t'be workin' in a place like this.  Never woulda lasted half as long without'cha, mechlet.  Won't be able t'thank you enough."
He offered the larger mech another smile and patted his shoulder reassuringly.  It wasn't Highgate's fault that the cost of energon had skyrocketed shortly after Silent's arrival.  Tonight had been the bar's final close, though only
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Nameless, Chapter 1, Scene 1
The world blazed into focus with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.  Consciousness occurred all at once, floundering in the sudden sea of sensation, mind grasping after ... something.  Whatever it had been, it evaded him with quicksilver deftness, evaporating without a trace.  Shattered by a simple sound; nothing more or less than a nearby footstep.  Propelled to his feet by an unknown force, he darted down the alley toward a half-remembered sense of safety.  His life, up until he had come online moments before, was gone.  He was alone.
The mech paused, catching sight of his reflection in a discarded bit of polished metal propped against the side of a building.  Yes, his processor told him, this's me.  Whoever I am.
He was smallish, which pleased him.  His hands were oil black, matching his shoulders and helm.  His helm had two communication horns and a slightly protruding
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7-4-12 Annual
"I think the pup saw you yesterday," she said, knowing he would hear her.  A silver chuckle chimed in the air.
"I must be gettin' old, if a puppy as distractable as that scrap a' fur can be noticin' me."
A small smile curled the side of her mouth, matching the grim pain in her brown eyes.  "Pups and kids can see things the rest of us can't."
Jazz paused, remembering the ferocity with which she had shoved the dusty maroon sedan over complicated country roads in the heat of the previous afternoon.  The same desperation had been clear in the way she had handled the car then as was in her posture now.
"That's a pause," she told him, standing stoic in the parking lot.
"Wonderin' about you," he replied carefully.  "You've never had this particular look about you before."
"I--" It was a scrap of sound, too brief to be called a word.  Her body language, spoken from a frame of more muscle than fat, more ache than movement, again told a story.
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Pomeranian Puppy Aldo - Down by serzero Pomeranian Puppy Aldo - Down :iconserzero:serzero 1 6 Pomeranian Puppy Aldo - Sleep by serzero Pomeranian Puppy Aldo - Sleep :iconserzero:serzero 2 2 Pomeranian Puppy Aldo - Look by serzero Pomeranian Puppy Aldo - Look :iconserzero:serzero 0 0
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Nothing to be done

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 15, 2013, 12:12 PM

Zen is an odd thing.  Sometimes I think that I take refuge in it in order to hide the fact that I find expressing anger incredibly difficult.


I'm still working on Elsewhere, but I'm right now simply writing a series of three, possibly more, first-person shorts.  I've never written fiction in first person, mostly because my own mind is so scattered that any narratives I send out have the danger of being just as random.


In other news, I'm disappointed that I missed a deadline for a class in the fall semester that I've really enjoyed taking over the summer.  I'm going to try to get in on the first day, not sure I understand how that works.  Ah, well.  Life is life.


EDIT: I forgot to mention, I've pinned a few of the issues I've been having with designing Elsewhere.  I am a visual person and need visual cues.  I'm not an artist, however.  If anyone knows of an artist willing to help me design 10 races, mechanical and organic, for about $200, please let me know.


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Happy Birthday!! :hug: :heart: :cake: Hope you're having a great day and hope all is well!
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PumpkinaChai Featured By Owner May 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy Birthday! :glomp: :hug: :heart: :cake: Hope you're having a wonderful day and hope you're doing well!
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Happy Birthday!! :hug: :glomp: :cake: Hope you're doing well!
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For some reason I can't send you a note (I keep getting a 403 error) <____> SO I'LL PASTE IT HERE.

Chapter 1 storyboard is done! And I'm halfway through scripting chapter 2 :D I'll start drawing Chapter 1 proper once I get some good paper (which will be this week)! :clap:


( I got a tumblr so I could interact with the SDGF folks over on tumblr ;.; you can check it out too if you like [link] )
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